Being Guillén: Opening Day Hits Differently These Days

We recently moved the show over to Ozzie Jr.’s basement because of social distancing. Besides the new setting its business as usual for the Guillén clan. This week the boys have some great takes on the news of the day! It would’ve been Opening Day around the league if not for the suspended season. The Guillén share their favorite Opening Day memories.

Here’s what else is on tap: MLB owners will give players a salary advance of $170 million for April and May and the players will keep the money if MLB cancels the whole season. Salaries will pro-rated over the length of the remaining season and owners would have been on the hook for $4.5 billion but now only some of that will be paid out. Players will get full service time if the season isn’t played at all. So Mookie Betts could leave the Dodgers even if he never plays for them. There’s a lot to talk about in this episode. Grab some popcorn and watch!

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