A Night with the Rays: Highlights from a Wild Night in Oakland

Being on Rickey Henderson’s Field: It literally felt like walking on sunshine while watching batting practice from Rickey Henderson Field.

Jesús Aguilar, Willy Adames and Michael Pérez were having fun pregame.

Avisaíl García’s shoes: I wish MLB teams would do more to showcase their players’ style. In a sea of grey and white warm-up cleats, Avisaíl García’s New Balance Lindor “White/Multi” Men’s Baseball shoes stood out. The bright colors stood out from the rest. Check out why he wore the shoes below.

MC Hammer throwing out the first pitch. Nothing says Bay Area more than Okland native and musician MC Hammer throwing out the first pitch. The very first album I bought on cassette tape was “Please, Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em.”

A sold-out crowd: The game was sold out with a record crowd of over 54,005 fans.

Watching Avisaíl García hit a two-run home run that literally silenced the crowd. Must have been the shoes.

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How to silence 52,000+ fans in one bat flip.

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Waiting in line to get soaked: As soon as the door opened, you could smell the beer and champagne.

Willy Adames used my dry shirt to clean his phone: As I was standing to the side watching the celebration, Willy Adames walked up and grabbed a part of my shirt and started drying off his phone. I was one of the driest in the locker room. We both laughed. I’ll never wash that shirt again.

Partying with Rays: The Tampa Bay Rays play and party hard.

Images: La Vida Baseball