Giving Back: José Abreu

One of Roberto Clemente’s enduring legacies was his willingness to give back. To children and younger players. To the community, both in Pittsburgh and in his home island of Puerto Rico. He gave to the very end, dying in a plane crash on Dec. 31, 1972, during a relief mission to Nicaragua to help earthquake victims. Clemente’s supreme sacrifice was not in vain, because since that day generation after generation of Latino players have carried on The Great One’s tradition.

In the last week of the year, we honor Clemente by recognizing the good works of other players. Today we look at José Abreu and Abreu’s Amigos, a program that he started with the Chicago White Sox and Easterseals to provide kids with special needs the opportunity to develop their social skills at the ballpark.

To learn more about Abreu’s Amigos, click here.