Being Guillén: Charlie Freeman and Tatís

The MLB All-Star Game is on the guys' minds! They first discuss the hilarious story involving Freedie Freeman's motivation to be selected for this year's All-Star Game. Afterward, the Guillén family reminisces over their experiences at Ozzie Sr.'s All-Star Game appearances, including Ozzie Sr.'s reverence for his legendary All-Star Game teammates. Sure to be a fun trip down memory lane!

World Series-winning manager Ozzie Guillén is no stranger to speaking his mind. It's that approach that makes him one of the most exciting figures in baseball. On La Vida Baseball's Being Guillén, you get Ozzie's unfiltered perspective on everything
baseball and more! And, what’s better than one Guillén? How about 3?! Joining him on the show are sons
Ozzie Jr. and Oney Guillén. Family. Life. Baseball. That’s Being Guillén.