Being Guillén: Hanging out with the Guilléns

The Guilléns share their best personal stories about legendary Chicago Bears coach, Mike Ditka. Ozzie Guillén, whose first language is Spanish, recalls attending a Bears game where he closely observed Ditka's brash coaching style and learned a few new English swear words.

Later on, in the show, the Guilléns reflect on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, a day that changed life as we know it. And finally, to close out the show, we open up the Book of Guillén, where Ozzie recalls his first memories with the Chicago White Sox.

World Series-winning manager Ozzie Guillén is no stranger to speaking his mind. It's that approach that makes him one of the most exciting figures in baseball. On La Vida Baseball's Being Guillén, you get Ozzie's unfiltered perspective on everything baseball and more! And, what’s better than one Guillén? How about 3?! Joining him on the show are sons Ozzie Jr. and Oney Guillén. Family. Life. Baseball. That’s Being Guillén.