Being Guillén: Winning a Championship and the Manager Interview Process

It was the biggest championship in Chicago sports history. In this episode of Being Guillén, the Guilléns fondly recall their crosstown rival's, the Chicago Cubs, 2016 World Series Championship parade. Ozzie Guillén Jr. remembers how Chicago erupted with noise after the final out of the World Series, an experience he’ll never forget. Ozzie Sr. talks about how he was only one of two people at ESPN who predicted that the Chicago Cubs would come back and win it all in Game 7 after going down 3-1 in the series.  Also, we get to hear from Sr. about the manager interview process and his secret interview with the Chicago White Sox after winning the 2003 World Series with the Florida Marlins.  And speaking of Jerry Reinsdorf, the Guilléns have nothing but love and praise to share at the end of today’s show. 

World Series-winning manager Ozzie Guillén is no stranger to speaking his mind. It's that approach that makes him one of the most exciting figures in baseball. On La Vida Baseball's Being Guillén, you get Ozzie's unfiltered perspective on everything baseball and more! And, what’s better than one Guillén? How about 3?! Joining him on the show are sons Ozzie Jr. and Oney Guillén. Family. Life. Baseball. That’s Being Guillén.