Locker Room Talk: Esports Host/Gamer Paola Alejandra

Paola Alejandra is an esports host, caster and streamer who describes herself as a spicy Latina. Little did she know when she got started in the industry, that her Latinx roots would be her superpower. 

Paola, aka Pancake Pow, gives advice on how to make it in the esports business and how owning what makes you different, will make you successful. She also shares with Locker Room Talk hosts Julie Alexandria and Jennifer Mercedes some of her best memories from the Gears of War tournament in Mexico City.

Paola describes the gaming culture and the energy of live esports in Latin America, and how it just hits different when you're hosting in front of a Latinx crowd. And she sets the record straight. It’s esports, not e-gaming! All this and more, from some spicy Latinas in the latest episode of Locker Room Talk.

Locker Room Talk is a weekly show highlighting the achievements of women and Latinas in sports. Hosted by Julie Alexandria and Jennifer Mercedes, two Latinas with more than 20 years of sports industry reporting experience, the show celebrates women in all aspects of the sports world by recognizing their contributions and the barriers they have overcome in their journeys. New episodes of Locker Room Talk debut every Wednesday on La Vida Baseball social channels.