Locker Room Talk: Wager Founder and CEO Cynthia Medina Carson

No one becomes an accidental millionaire, and compliments don’t pay the rent. These are some words of wisdom from Cynthia Medina Carson, founder and CEO of Wager, a salary conversation service. 

As a self-described "transparency maven," Cynthia isn't afraid to speak common cents. In the unprecedented time of the "gig economy" and the new normal of work-from-home to office hybrid, Cynthia details ways in which you can make yourself hard to replace and turn your freelancer status into prominence as a key player.

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, it's not just a trend: it's the future - and the reality - of business. Cynthia breaks down exactly how the industry is evolving and taking notice. Why do women - statistically-speaking- have such a hard time asking for what they want when it comes to salary? Cynthia, explains.

She joins Locker Room Talk hosts Jennifer Mercedes and Julie Alexandria to uncover the taboos of talking about money and encourage women to be confident in asking for what they want. Cynthia speaks to the power of being an "A-player,” and she gives advice on how to position oneself to co-workers. Always be prepared to walk away, and be confident in your worth.

Cynthia gives her best advice to Jennifer, Julie and all women in the workplace.

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Locker Room Talk is a weekly show highlighting the achievements of women and Latinas in sports. Hosted by Julie Alexandria and Jennifer Mercedes, two Latinas with more than 20 years of sports industry reporting experience, the show celebrates women in all aspects of the sports world by recognizing their contributions and the barriers they have overcome in their journeys. New episodes of Locker Room Talk debut every Wednesday on La Vida Baseball social channels.