Pólvora, Voz y Diamante: Los Playoffs Picantes Ya Están Aqui

Hablemos un poquito de todo con estos locos de la cantina del béisbol. En el programa de hoy, Polo Ascencio, Pliego Villareal y Jesse Castillo nos hablan de los  picantes playoffs que ya están aquí. También nos cuentan de cómo ya se está acabando la temporada regular, y Pliego nos pregunta quiénes seran los jugadores que van a ganarse los premios de MVP, Rookie of the Year, y Cy Young.

About PVD:

Polo "Voz" Ascencio is the announcer for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Jesse “Diamante” Castillo is a Mexican League legend who has been to several All-Star games and has been League MVP twice in his current career.

Finally, we have
Pliego “Polvora” Villarreal , bassist for the Mexican band Kinky. The man has visited the world and played in front of millions of dedicated fans.

When these three talk about baseball, you will quickly understand why they are together. The chemistry is unmistakable, the insight of baseball is undeniable, and his every-man approach to talking about the sport is absolutely refreshing and entertaining. These three are hysterical together. It is like watching your family tell loving and funny stories, you are looking forward to hearing.