We've Got Game. Do You? We Want to See How You Love the Game. | El Bullpen

A diamond-themed Would You Rather. Would you rather stand in the batter's box and face a baseball coming at you in the upper 90s, or be in the same batter's box and have a softball being hurled at you from 43 feet away, same speed? We have both options. And this week, we showcase one little baller who can flat out play. Just ask her Candy Crusher softball teammates. What has Bartolo Colon been up to in retirement? He's working on his hitting game, launching bombs in recreation softball. Touch 'em all Big Sexy, touch 'em all. Julie Alexandria brings the heat in this week's El Bullpen.

La Vida Baseball also wants to see how you celebrate the game. We want all you backyard ballers and youth baseball stars to send us your videos, and we'll share with our community. Don't be shy, share with us on Instagram - tag us, DM us, we're waiting!