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Black Lives Matter Protests Take Place Across The UK
Black Lives Matter Protests Take Place Across The UK | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

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It took MLB 9 days to release a statement on the unrest around the death of George Floyd. The Guilléns discuss the responsibility that professional sports leagues have to address issues of social justice.

Trying to restart the 2020 season has proven to be a roller coaster. In the latest move, MLB owners reject a 114 game season and prorated money continues to be a point of contention. Is there a solution? Will there be baseball in 2020?

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong is the subject of a new ESPN docu series, LANCE. Oney Guillén watched it and came away with a new found appreciation for his dad. Oney also feels there are some parallels between Lance and some MLB players who have risked it all to gain a competitive advantage.