When Sergio Romo and Miguel Cabrera met in the World Series

Every day during the World Series, La Vida Baseball will showcase a great Latino moment in World Series history. Today’s piece is about the time Sergio Romo subverted all expectations.

Finnerty’s is the New York bar where fans who love San Francisco/Bay Area sports teams visit throughout the week to watch their favorite sports teams play. That’s where you go to cheer the Giants, 49ers, Sharks, Warriors and even Bay Area college teams. When you meet people at Finnerty’s it’s not a question of “Are you from the Bay Area?” It’s a question of “What part of the Bay Area are you from?”

I remember the night the Giants won the World Series in 2010. I was visiting friends in New York. Two years later, I was living in New York and watching the Giants climb their way back to another title in 2012.

During that Series when the Giants swept the Tigers in four games, the one play that always sticks out to me is the very last play of Game 4, when Sergio Romo struck out Miguel Cabrera.

I remember thinking that the Tigers were not going to go down without a fight. I knew it would be foolhardy to assume it was over until the final out, especially when the Tigers had already scored three runs to cut the deficit to one run.

With Cabrera, the 2012 Triple Crown Winner, at the plate I could see a tie game or the Tigers even winning.

Then, Romo delivered his Series-clinching 2-2 fastball past Cabrera for strike three.

The Giants had won their second World Series in three years. I think I was in a state of shock more than anything because the Giants had won the World Series, again. It was a play I watched at Finnerty’s I’ll never forget.

“My, most memorable World Series moment for me was 2012, when I was able to get that fastball by Miguel Cabrera,” Romo told me in spring training last year. “For me it was the story of mighty ‘Casey At the Bat.’ Yeah, mighty Casey struck out against me.

Although I couldn’t attend the 2012 World Series parade in San Francisco, Romo again made it memorable when he wore his shirt, “I Just Look Illegal” to raise awareness for undocumented immigrants in the U.S. It was a World Series and parade I will never forget.

In 2014, I was still living in New York when the Giants won their third World Series in five years.

I was at Finnerty’s for that Series as well. There’s something about those three factors in my life: The Giants, Finnerty’s and New York that will always take me back to these glory years of the Giants winning championships that will stay with me for a lifetime.

I moved to Chicago in January 2017. The Giants did not make the postseason this season in an even year, again breaking the cycle that went so well from 2010 through 2014. If I want to see the Giants win another World Series, maybe I should move back to New York.

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