2018 La Vida Awards: Best MLB Singer

As we were planning our Spring Training 2018 coverage, a series about the influence of music on MLB players seemed a given; we wanted to know which musicians and songs some of our favorite players were listening and singing along to this year.

Throughout the season we got a chance to hear a wide variety of music, from mariachi to rancheras and even country music, so as we were deciding our categories for this year’s awards, Best Singer was a high note for us.

Below are our picks for cantante de beisbol of the year and two honorable mentions. One of the many things we love about these players is that they love to sing the songs within styles of music from their home country, whether it’s mariachi from Mexico, bachata from the Dominican Republic or gaita from Venezuela, these ball players love their music and represent their homelands proudly.

Honorable Mention:
Nelson Cruz singing bachata

When it comes to música bachata, Antony Santos is Nelson Cruz’s favorite.

Honorable Mention:
Carlos Gonzalez singing Nacho’s ‘No Te Vas.’

Miguel “El Mariachi” González singing Don Vicente Fernández.

If you’re looking for a mariachi singer for your next quince or boda, Miguel “El Mariachi” González is your guy! González honors his native countryman by signing one of his famous ballads, ‘Amor de los Dos.’

Featured Image: La Vida Baseball

2018 La Vida Awards