2018 La Vida Awards: Best José Altuve Facial Expressions

Is there anything José Altuve can’t do?

Adrián Beltré gave us the answer in Spring Training: “He does it all. He can hit high three hundreds, two hundred plus hits. He’s full [of] power, RBI’s, run, score, play defense.”

He’s fun to watch, too. But even better for us here at La Vida, he’s the king of facial expressions. The caras he puts on while he does his work are some of the funniest, most menacing and best facial expressions you’ll see anywhere. Luckily for us, our photographer Jean Fruth has shot ‘Tuve and the Astros more than a few times and has some of those priceless Tuve caras. Choosing three were tough, but here are our favorites, along with some priceless captions.

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Honorable Mention

“You talkin’ to me?” “Que tu quieres?”

Prior to the opening series of the year against the Baltimore Orioles, Jean Fruth captured this shot of Altuve during batting practice.

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“I got this, I got this!”

Tuve has the face of a man who thought this was a good pitch, realized it was a touch outside
and was determined to put the ball in play. We Latinos are stubborn! ¡Que terco!


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When they say short people in the front ?

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“When they say short people in the front”

This priceless shot of Altuve at the White House when the Astros were honored by President Donald Trump went viral. When you’re short, you hate that fact being pointed out!

Featured Image: Jean Fruth / La Vida Baseball

Inset Images: Jean Fruth / La Vida Baseball

2018 La Vida Awards